Manufacturing Industry in Mumbai

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing sector has witnessed slow growth which was said to be caused by some of the policy issues. However, Indian Manufacturing Industry is, though cautious, looking optimistic and set for revival. Announcements of investments made recently for this sector has added to this. However, the global manufacturing sector stills seems to be dealing with the pessimism and showing almost no growth. There are supply chain issues that companies face in the low growth markets and these are fairly frail in the fast growing emerging markets. The problem – the products do not fit readily into the requisites of these budding markets.

Manufacturers in India have to deal with a lot of difficult issues. These encompass high cost of capital, unfavourable currency impacting imports, flat demand, and threat of China imports. Besides this, there’s a serious talent crunch which pushes up the value chain of the sector, the cost of infrastructure basics, unsociable milieu and limited strategic options. However, even surrounded by these challenges, there have been companies who have succeeded in the sector. Linckers has worked in tandem with such organizations and has comprehended their success mantra.

The study has added to the deep understanding of Linckers on the challenges faced by the companies. This has helped Linckers create a central repository of best practices and strategies in the manufacturing sector. And Linckers offers this knowledge to its valued customers in the sector and assist them with the practical solutions to tackle their issues. Linckers caters to clients in a number of sub-sectors in Manufacturing such as automotive, auto-components, industrial products, process chemicals, textiles, apparels and leather products, among others. Linckers also provides services to esteemed government organizations which are involved in determining policies that impact the Manufacturing Industry, at large

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