Private Companies Services

The set of challenges faced by the private companies are quite different. Tax compliance is very crucial; else it may have its implications on the business success. It may also affect adversely the personal and professional goals of the business owners viz. tapping or entering new markets, succession to family member or a sale; IPO, etc. In order to have a smooth functioning at all levels and accomplishment of goals, integrated tax planning is crucial. Linckers provide services on entity income tax planning and compliance services, individual tax and wealth planning, international tax and family offices.

Income tax planning and compliance services for private companies and their owners

Private companies operate in quite challenging milieu. The tax authorities increasingly focus on high-wealth individuals. The legislations and regulations change on an ongoing basis. This puts a lot of pressure on private companies and keeps them on their toes to manage their tax liabilities and risks proactively. Linckers’ veterans, to all intents and purposes, tackle the complex relations between the private business organizations, owners, family offices and employees. Linckers assist private organizations and their owners in evaluating the potential tax consequences that are a result of numerous business and personal wealth decisions; keeping in mind the tax, business and personal goals. Linckers also work towards exploring tax-savings opportunities, preparing changes in tax and economic climate and resolving disputes with tax authorities.

Comprehensive owner and family wealth planning

Every individual and family wants to protect their substantial assets and extend their bequest. More often than not, it becomes daunting when it comes to taking decisions on this. Linckers’ team of experts possesses ages of experience and help clients to tackle various aspects of wealth planning. Private business owners can get assistance from Linckers’ experts in exploring issues that are relevant to wealth preservation and passing on the same to future generations. Linckers’ also houses experts from estate tax planning background who work closely with professional advisors of private clients and tackle the complex matters pertaining to estate, inheritance, trust, gift and charitable planning and construct and deploy a customized estate plan specific to the requirement of the client.

International tax and estate planning

An increased mobility has been witnessed among high net-worth individuals and families. This undoubtedly has concurred with wide spreading of internationally integrated economy which includes higher cross-nation deals and investments. This has led to boost in complex range of global tax issues. Linckers provide multi-jurisdictional tax and estate planning advice, in consideration with family mobility, wealth planning and preservation goals, the nuances of investing in specific countries and asset types, and the tax consequences to the family’s private business enterprises. Linckers works in tandem with clients and addresses the matters pertaining to tax residency and domicile in order to assess the aspects of tax of international investment opportunities.

Family office services

Family offices are established by families in order to manage their investments, reporting, charitable and financial planning responsibilities. However, a level of expertise is required to manage family wealth. An effective family wealth management encase numerous issues which are related to business goals, family goals and personal goals. And hence it is crucial that family offices are structured and staffed well. In order to do this, tax analysis and considerations of governance is required along with in-depth understanding of short and long term business goals and personal goals of the family. Linckers help families in office design and set up, educating them, communications, charitable planning and private foundations, and structuring business investments.

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