Risk Services In Mumbai


Linckers provide a complete, comprehensive, effective and balanced Enterprise Risk Services In Mumbai to its customers across India. Through ERS, Linkers facilitate an intellectual approach towards risks that are associated to finance, technology and other things. The approach is focused on helping customers to concentrate on the main areas of business where the risks have increased and to manage them effectively.

offer a wide range of risk related solutions that are grouped under two services

  • Business Risk Services (BRS)

    Under BRS, Team Linckers works on assessing and providing recommendation on improvising the operational and financial excellence, effective governance in an organization. Linckers also provides customized solutions to help customers with enterprise risk and compliance activities.

  • Technology Risk Services

    Technology Risk Services (TRS) is very crucial to any business. Under this, Linckers provide assistance to customers on safeguard their organizations against threats related to information technology and security. This is done vide optimal systems design, processes and controls. A meticulous assessment on work processes, software applications and their controls is done. This aids to manage and minimize the risk that are related to the sensitivity of the information. Linckers also help companies to implement effective IT governance in order to accomplish and uphold the technology certification.

  • Strategy

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