Tax Management Consulting in Mumbai

Tax Management Consulting

Linckers has vast experience in tax, technical and technological aspect of it. The experts at Linckers provide customers the consulting on compliance, reporting and risk management in order to meet business challenges of multijurisdictional tax operations. This includes transforming the processes and technology which directly impacts and improves the business efficiency.

The services include - Tax accounting and reporting, Global compliance outsourcing, Risk, strategy and operations, Tax-enabled enterprise resource planning (ERP), Compliance process automation and Tax data analytics

Tax accounting and reporting

Growing businesses consistently face challenges to manage their accounts. The use of outdated technology, high dependence on age-old spreadsheets and lack of integration between the vital tax and finance systems impair the ability of tax departments of obtaining and evaluating data that is crucial for business. Timely and accurate tax accounting and reporting is a necessity.

Linckers provides 360 degree solutions to clients that include tax application consulting associated with the selection and implementation of software supporting financial accounting for tax (provision) for global and local financial operations. Linckers also help tax departments with tax accounting and reporting processes, provision-to-return reconciliations, mitigation, and process enhancement to correct or evade material weaknesses and important deficits. Additionally, Linckers also provides advice on tax policies and procedures as well as technical aspects linked to provision and the review of internal controls to enhance governance and tackle compliance and reporting risk.

Global compliance outsourcing

With growing number of companies turning into multinationals, there is a boost in the number of challenges they face in keeping abreast with tax laws of each jurisdiction. Linckers provides a perfect dais for companies to outsource their direct and indirect tax compliance along with statutory accounting and report processing. Linckers’ team of professionals supports local and offshore compliance activities with the help of shared services and data management skills. The team also helps clients deal with specific situations like post merger integration which needs substantial system, process and technology support for new-born organizations.

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