Valuation Service

Valuation service

Valuation Service is imperative for businesses to know and understand the value of their assets. These assets could be traditional, intellectual properties, technology owned/used, the business relationships with customers and suppliers, etc. All the public and private companies need to adhere with regulatory compliances and hence are required to assess their assets periodically, both tangible and intangible. This also includes the goodwill earned by the company by virtue of service / relationships. Comprehending the value of assets facilitates decisions related to business and investments.

Linckers provide comprehensive valuation service that are customized to meet the requirements of the clients. Linkers team of valuation experts carries unparalleled experience across varied industries that include Telecommunications and Media, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Technology, Healthcare, Hospitality, Natural Resources, etc. The team also has deep understanding of issues concerning valuation, both tangible and intangible. This aids in quantifying and determining value for financing, transaction, taxation and other strategic management objectives. The Valuation Service include – Business Valuation, Tangible Asset Advice, Intangible Asset Valuation, Fairness Option, Dispute Resolution Support, Financial Modelling and other Specialized Services.

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