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There have been remarkable changes in the consumption pattern of Indian consumers post liberalization era. According a research, the consumer market in India is likely to become world’s fifth largest market by 2015. It also states that the growing economy and boost in earning capacity of Indian consumer may lead to higher spending and it is likely to increase 4 times to $3.6 trillion by the year 2020. Of all, it is expected that consumers are likely to spend more on food, housing, consumer durables, transport and communication. This has paved a way for abounding opportunities and will certainly impact the market in positive way. Indian consumer habit is not brand loyal and tends to change the brand to suit or meet his need, hence contributing to the global business community. Thus India is perceived as a promising destination for higher business opportunities.

Linckers brings in the expertise and couples the innovative marketing knowledge with technological expertise, operational efficiencies and vendor relations and complex relations with the consumer supply chain. The vast experience across the consumer business sectors allows Linckers to comprehend the issues and trends that a client may come across. The team of specialists helps clients to integrate their strategies and enhance operations and accomplish measurable results.

Consumer products

Buying habits of an Indian Consumer today is going paradigm shift. People focus more on value of what they buy than just the price. The most influential aspects are amongst fashion, services, novelty, convenience and comfort. These play a vital role in buyer’s decisions. The brand building campaigns done through digital media and social networking sites are further influencing their decision actively. The private consumption rate in India is as high as 58%. And over the next 10 years, it is likely to stay put at about 60%, hence exhibiting the capability power of consumer product business. To cater to such growing requisites and evolving lifestyles of Indian consumers, the consumer product industry is structuring themselves on focused business models. Consumer Product industry approach has become more and more strategic. The industry is constantly tracking the buying habits of the Indian buyers. Besides the traditional visibility points such as authorized shops, malls and hypermarkets, industry is revolutionizing and opting for multi-level marketing to sell their products and create a wider consumer base.

Linckers team of professionals carries in-depth industry experience and insight to the issues faced by both, the manufacturers and service providers. Linckers work closely with the clients to create and deliver good value for every customer. Linckers provides clients the effective, strategic solutions across both Strategy that include business planning, entry strategy, partner search, market studies, etc. and Operations which include pricing & profitability, supply chain optimization, distribution network, marketing ROI, etc. This enables companies to operate to their full potential and maximize their profits.

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