Financial Services

Financial Services industry (FSI) is forever booming. And so is the need for service in this industry. Linckers has onboard the team of more than 300 dedicated FSI practitioners who cater to the clients in India and about 500 more practitioners catering to international customers. These practitioners have strong background in banking, insurance and asset management and also carry vast experience of working with large public sector and private sector companies. These also include top notch multinationals. This puts Linckers in a undeniably strong position to cater to FSI needs of the clients. Linckers provides services to firms in Banking, Insurance, Securities, Asset Management, Alternative Investment, Financial Services support as well as Regulators.

Additionally Linckers also offer services in areas of Business Strategy & Restructuring, M&A Advisory, Financial Transaction Support, Process Re-engineering, Financial Transformation and Change Management.

Asset Management

From an extremely controlled milieu in 1990s, the mutual fund industry has grown to a highly competitive market. As many as 35 asset managers manage assets worth more than USD 150 billion. The deregulations and new players entering the field have largely contributed to this. This also encompasses the foreign asset managers and liberal incentive plans in the form of entry loads for distributors that encouraged distributors to play market development role.

However, the elimination of entry loads and other regulatory changes that impacted the distributors, there was a decline in AUMs and closure of folios which indicated shifting preferences of investors. Further, due to decline in management fees and commoditization of schemes by Asset managers, the profitability has also gone down to a great extend. This increasing pressure on profitability and growth is pushing the industry towards consolidation. However, it is quite challenging to bring in back the investors. It is likely that the retail investors will come up as the next driving force of growth in the industry. Fact remains that less than 5 percent of household savings are channelized in mutual funds even in the urban markets, hence created great opportunities for mutual funds. The asset management sector is incessantly growing vide efficiently managing investment performance and devising long-term strategies to acquire and retain clients. However, it is imperative that consumer awareness is created vide sustained investments and hence an innovative approach is required in devising the strategies.

Linckers has a dedicated team of professionals who use their expertise to assist asset managers in tackling the critical market issues and ever changing regulations. Linckers caters with customized approach and provide support to capitalize on market opportunities and create aggressive lead in the areas of growth, profitability, cost management, technology, talent management and regulatory issues.

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