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For large and global businesses, it is imperative to apply a global and meticulous approach in order to incorporate legal considerations into their business strategies and processes at an early phase. This enables them to foresee the legal risks associated and helps to maximize the operations potential without any hindrance. Linckers provide such inclusive assistance spread across a wide array of decisive business issues. The services encompass - Acquisition, divestiture, joint venture, Legal purchaser and vendor due diligence, Legal framework of supply chain management and distribution network and Statutory compliance

Acquisition, divestiture, joint venture

Linckers team of tax professionals work together with veteran lawyers to provide clients the assistance on legal issues throughout the process of acquisition and divesture. These comprise services ranging from legal documentation, aiding negotiations, post acquisition legal advice.

Legal purchaser and vendor due diligence

Businesses are evolving consistently and are faced with high risk milieu constantly. In such a scenario, it becomes crucial to that due diligence activities are made necessary so as to ensure identifying and minimizing the risks suitably. Linckers’ backed with numerous years of experience on this and provides legal due diligence assistance and coordination for buyers and sellers. With strong support from Linckers’ professionals and a 360 degree view status report, businesses can feel secure that entire activity is concluded and that the opportunity associated risks are recognized and a justifying plan of actions is chalked out.

Legal framework of supply chain management and distribution network

Linckers provide clients the unparalleled services pertaining to, by and large, legal framework of supply chain and distribution network, right from terms of production, logistics, delivery, sales and distribution to post sale services and warranty. The framework is devised in a way to match your business model and tax strategy in order to derive optimum from service models and allocation of global cost / profit.

Statutory compliance

Linckers advises clients on statutory compliance issues which encompass planning and implementation at organizational and international level. Highly efficient online and in-house learning and training programs and aids are designed with the help of technology and pioneering processes. The actual compliance status within the organization can be monitored on real-time basis. It consequently provides clients with practical, unswerving and cost-efficient risk management strategies.

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