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Over last few decades, India has witnessed greater awareness on healthcare. Increase in earning capabilities has boosted the affluences and changed lifestyles of people in India. However, this has led to increase in the lifestyle disorders and hence increase in the government expenses on healthcare. This has given boost to the fast budding Healthcare Industry and has also contributed to the double digit growth registered by the Life Sciences and Healthcare (LSHC) industry in India. However, there are many critical barriers that impair the industry and affect it in a sustainable way. These include poor regulatory enforcement, inadequate healthcare infrastructure, shortage of a skilled workforce, increasing patient expectations and ever-changing technology.

Linckers is backed with strong background and experience in the healthcare sector. It helps it to identify and understand the opportunities and challenges and promptly respond with the integrated and comprehensive solutions. This puts Linckers in an indisputably unique position to help clients and work across the span of value chain in the industry, serving both local and global clients.

Clients include -
  • Healthcare providers
    Hospitals, Integrated Health Parks, Diagnostics Players, Ambulatory Care Providers
  • Bio-pharmaceuticals
    Pharmaceutical Companies, Biotechnology Players, Contract Research Organisations (CROs), R&D Centres
  • Medical devices
    Manufacturers of Medical Devices, Diagnostics Equipment, Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Medical education
    Medical and Paramedical Colleges, Training Centres, Academic Medical Centres
  • Healthcare payers
    Private Health Insurance Companies, Public Health Financing
  • Governments and Donors
    Central and State Health Governments, Bilateral and Multilateral Agencies
  • Others
    Regulators, Trusts and Foundations and NGOs

Linckers couples its expertise, perspective and strategies and help local and international clients to realize the opportunities and tackle the issues to contour the Life Science Health Care sector. Linckers also provides strategy recommendations and assistance on implementation.

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