Transactions on Merger & Acquisition

Besides the operational efficiency and profits that business houses make, the holistic success largely rely on the transactions that they make. With huge risk associated to them, any mistake in transactions can cost. It is must to optimize the value on every transaction. All the transactions in business right from mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures to leveraged buy-outs are high complexity transactions and very crucial to business. The complexities may lead to noticeable impact on the investment value. And hence it is imperative that these transactions are given a dedicated attention from experts. The need of the hour is to regularly and effectively map the heaps of accounts, tax, regulatory affairs, cultural and labour related issues that affect the transactions. This will ensure that the risks are minimized and you get optimum returns.

Linckers brings with itself, the significant transaction execution experience in diverse business settings and jurisdictions, pooled with the industry and technical knowledge.

Due Deligence Services

The Scope of Due Diligence for a business transaction review is always determined in concurrence with the clients. It largely depends on the size and scale of the transaction and the risks associated with it. Linckers provides Due Diligence services with a 360 degree approach – right from identifying risks and opportunities which are specific to the industry and deal, quantifying them, chalking out the entire logical history of it, its quality, the cash flows projections, the income, assessing the Assets quality; identifying the contingencies, commitments, the hidden costs, tax exposures and liabilities and quantifying them to raising issues concerning the purchase price and contract terms.

The panel of due diligence practitioners at Linckers is specialized in accounting and tax who help the customers with their expertise and deep understanding of distinctive challenges faced by businesses in India. Some of these challenges range from disparity in accounting principles and quality of financial information, proliferation of related party transactions, negligence of corporate governance and transparency, complex and ever evolving tax related rules and regulations.

Linckers provide Due Diligence Services that include Acquisition Due Diligence, Vendor Due Diligence, Bid Support and Data Room Support

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