R&D and Government Incentives

R & D and Government Incentives

Businesses need functions to optimize their cash incentives. A proper retrospection can aid this. However, these could also be based on future investments plans. Linckers provides its expert assistance in this area and thereby helps the customers to reduce the cost of operation, both locally and globally. In tandem with Quality Assurance team, the deliverable and computations are reviewed and a proper analysis is derived to understand if processes are applying the rules and criteria and considering the maximum scope of qualifying costs involved. Team Linckers works in complete transparency, ensuring adherence to compliances and adapting the regulatory changes vide use of global technology solutions and deep tax expertise worldwide.

Research & Development claims preparation (R&D and Government Incentives)

Evolving businesses face challenges in identifying suitable R& D activities and preparing vigorous supporting documentation. Even if it is identified, it may happen that companies may lack resources to complete the documentation which is required to file a claim.

Linkers possesses expertise to help you in the entire process right from scoping through preparing and submitting the documents. The tax technical expertise is coupled with veteran scientists and engineers so as to help in ensuring that clients understand and consider all the aspects of incentive claims. With the use of technology based solutions, Linckers ensure that it’s a smooth flowing function in a high transparency enviroment and compliant with all regulatory changes.

Government incentives application support

Linkers have team of veterans who are experienced in the practicalities of preparing, negotiating and agreeing government incentives applications including all aspects from initial feasibility reviews to document submission. It requires fair amount of time to ensure that companies get their share of numerous grants, credits and incentives. Linckers’ professionals possess knowledge in this focused area which ensures that all the nuances and details of specific opportunities are understood and evaluated; and also the potential benefits are realized in minimum time, money and effort.

Tax controversy related to R&D or government incentives

More often than not, intense regulatory scrutiny is received by R & D claims and Government Incentives. Linckers provides assistance and support to manage claims and information requests or objections from the pertinent government bodies. The panel of experts onboard encompasses the ex-officials from various regulatory agencies who carry with themselves an in-depth understanding of regulatory processes for approval. The thorough advice from the panel instills confidence in the companies.

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