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Linckers provides professional Audit and Enterprise Risk Service assistance to the customers, right from large corporations to SMEs and public sector companies, who aim to capitalize on the local businesses and emerging markets. The canopy of services is a distinctive blend of business, functional and technical proficiency. This ensures that markets, the customers are able to bring into line their business strategies and goals with the requisites of the competitive markets. The solutions and services offered to the customers are tailor-made to suit their needs, often giving an edge to the company. The wide-ranging comprehensive approach of the company brings together the vast business and industry knowledge and the multi-disciplinary insight and innovation. These profound inputs help the customers to outrival, irrespective of the realms. The wide range of integrated services are offered in the following areas -

About Audit and Enterprise Risk Service

Linckers is backed by a team of in-house and on panel experts of Audit and Enterprise Risk Service professionals. Linckers assists customers to accomplish their business goals by providing them class-apart range of audit and advisory services. It also manages their business risk and help in boosting the business performance.

The services include -



In order to make sound business decisions, stakeholders rely on the credible financial information. And for this, following a comprehensive audit process is imperative. The Assurance services offered by Linkers include the global services like services essential for listing securities on various exchanges globally, conversion of accounts in compliance with US, GAA and IFRS. Linckers also provide specialized Audit and Enterprise Risk Service that include detailed investigations.

Linckers provide Audit services that are beyond the conventional financial reporting. The customer-centric approach is imbibed in every team member of Linckers. The team dives into the depth of understanding the business sector of the customer and their business functions. The thoroughly researched business facts are flawlessly integrated with the experience that enables it to identify the major risks and prospects.


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